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This xovilichter page was NOT created with the sole purpose of Black Hat SEO. Even seomantically speaking, this is very tiresome. Participant candidats have to register their page first on Busby Web Solutions' website, they have a nice forum dedicated to the contest (my nickname there is Pliner). If you were ever wondering what factors do Google take into consideration, it's never too late ! If you want to rank for something like xovilichter, try a long tail phrase. So at 1st June, the contest will be announced and will see who will win if you sign up the sulumits retsambew forum. To decide the winner, just simply look at Google results on August 31th.

Link exchange is possibly dead ! But I am not sure about that, this is why I am participating to xovilichter as well. To repeat the keyword as many times as possible is not a good idea. I just searched the term xovilichter in Google. This keyword is indeed an unusual title. I hope this contest will make me learn how to optimize a blog. The only thing participants need to do is to rank #1 for the keyword. The cyber war was began ! A Google Toolbar PageRank update will have zero direct impact on one's ranking. Sure there is a lot of spamming going on the competition like on any SEO contest. Just follow the rule of search engines that it's the content that matters most.

If a site does not have search engine visibility, it will never be even seen. I had never participated in any SEO contest earlier. Something the SEO guys are using a lot, is redirecting their page using 301 from well-known sites that already have an excellent links' network. A one-sided commercial site does not have space for a SEO contest. I also got confirmed from Busby Web Solutions that this is disallowed and the contestant will be disqualified. I have to admit that for this SEO contest I am well prepared. I'm so glad that this page has finally gone to the Google database. SEO doesn't have to be costly.

Today is Monday 22nd of July 2019 and it's 04:14:28 CEST AM. Read my blog or back Home.

Last update: September 13th, 2014. That's all.

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