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Spam trap

Any bulk e-mail must be opt-in, otherwise it is an unwanted email. But spammers don't care, they use spambots to crawl the Internet and store thousand of email addresses in their database.

Spammers want to harvest emails? I'll give them some! This spam trap page is displaying emails especially for spammers. The addresses you see below have been used for illegitimate messages.

My spam trap helps fight spam by discouraging the spammers, filling their database with bogus email addresses. I hope I didn't accidentally include the address of an innocent person here. If it is the case, contact me as soon as possible and I will immediately and permanently delete your address from my page.

Remember: if you send emails to people who have forgotten about you or who didn't give you permission to add them on your list, you are acting like a spammer. Your messages are immediately interpreted as spam and your email address may end up in junk folders or on blacklists. So take care before sending out lots of messages to your customers!

An interessant ressource to check, the Harvester Killer and Office of Strategic Influence which have the exact same purpose than my spam trap page.

For spammers:

Last update: August 15th, 2014. That's all.

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