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Everyday just like you, I read on the Internet and watch on Youtube some pieces of information that call my attention. I write posts too.

► Read my latest post: From Yahvism to Zionism. Furtherthemore, DMOZ one of the oldest and most trusted web directories announced on their home page yesterday that they are closing up shop. The site is going offline March 14, 2017. (March 1st, 2017)

► Check some differing opinions about Pope Francis from the readers of Matt C. Abbott, a Catholic commentator who has a column on RenewAmerica. (February 26nd, 2017)

► Among the most interesting websites I have encountered this month, there is CMP (Canadian Mind Products) from Roedy Green. Even if I don't agree with pretty much anything he used to write, his personal website is well designed and unique in some way. (October 2nd, 2016)

► Are you looking for a japanese network marketing company? (September 7th, 2016)

► Read my latest post: Demonic possession (April 10th, 2016)

► Read my latest post: Free hosting (April 9th, 2016)

► “Has the secret of the Bermuda Triangle finally been discovered??“ (March 28th, 2016)

► “How to Break Free From a Critical Spirit?“ (March 26th, 2016)

► “Who Organised the Famine in the USSR in 1932-1933?“ (March 21th, 2016)

► Read my latest post: Demonic house in Indiana (March 14th, 2016)

► “Fake Online Locksmiths May Be Out to Pick Your Pocket, Too“ (January 30th, 2016)

► “Lebanese Hezbollah's teen fighters in the Syrian war“ (January 28th, 2016)

► Read my latest post: Trekking (November 18th, 2015)

► “Video Formats Supported by Android Phones and Tablets” on Digiarty Software (September 7th, 2015)

► “12 Signs That An Imminent Global Financial Crash Has Become Even More Likely” from Michael Snyder (August 11th, 2015)

► Read my latest post: Why are young people leaving the Church? (August 10th, 2015)

► “The Katyn Massacre, an assessment of its significance as a public and historical issue in the United States and Great Britain, 1940-1993”, thesis presented in 1993 by L. R. Coatney (August 9th, 2015)

► “National Socialism, Paganism and Satanism?” on The Phora Forum (July 4th, 2015)

► Read my latest posts: Liberation Theology, a KGB Invention? That Is Way Too Simple, Dogs Playing Poker - Simply Kitsch? (June 2th, 2015)

► Read my latest post: How to Handle a Bad Beat in a Poker Tournament and Happiness Can Be Learned, Turn Yourself Into A Happier Person And Achieve The Lifestyle You Deserve, Sunless vs. Natural Tanning, Will a Domestic Tanning Bed Offer the Same Golden Tan as a Tanning Salon?, Introduction to the 9/11 truth issue, 9/11 Activist's Support Website (May 29th, 2015)

► Read my latest post: Choosing A Poker Room, The International Opportunity in Network Marketing, One of ten Lost Tribes of Israel?, Roman Catholic Church Legally Recognized by Israel, Timothy Radcliffe (May 21th, 2015)

► “Confessions of a Google spammer.” from Jeff Deutsch and top poker rooms. (May 20th, 2015)

► “I have now begun to actively promote this website, and I know that some people in particular will read it.” Yes! He also offers well-written gambling content. (May 19th, 2015)

► Read my latest post: Top Poker Rooms. (May 18th, 2015)

► I know Terry Simmonds Sim64 since “mangeur de cigogne” (2004), such a long time ago! I'm pretty sure he doesn't even remember me. (May 17th, 2015)

► Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of the Rev. Billy Graham, warns the Rapture is coming and will cause "mass chaos." It's a point of view, as a Catholic I don't endorse pentecostal opinion. (May 16th, 2015)

► “Between the lines: Pope wrong about capital punishment. Joseph Farah challenges pontiff to provide reasons for his personal opinion.” (May 15th, 2015)

► Read my latest post: History of Kosovo and an historical and sociological analysis of Kosovo (May 7th, 2015)

► “How I Grew From 300 to 5k Followers on Twitter In Just 3 Weeks.” (April 28th, 2015)

► Read my latest post: Good-bye Ello, an advertising-free social network, but for how long? (January 23th, 2015)

► “France puts itself in the bull’s eye over pro-Palestine policy. Was Terrorist Attack False Flag on France? Suspicion is growing in the alternative media.” (January 20th, 2015)

► Read my latest post: Using the Shared Calendar, a great tool for your sales team in Vtiger CRM (January 13th, 2015)

► Read my latest post: Marketing on social media about business management (January 10th, 2015)

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