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Time for Awakening

If you like freethinking, visit Wavevolution. Even if I don't agree with all that they say, I think they have an interesting point of view about the New World Order.

Time for Awakening

A planned chain of events has already started before your eyes while you remain blindfolded or perhaps too distracted to see it.

It is the secret rise of the New World Order

For a long time people have talked about one “possible" Plot. You don't need to hear it again. There should be no doubt. Time should be invested in the search for an alternative Solution.

Many will remain skeptical in regard to the existence of this Plan in spite of what is in front of their eyes. These people would probably like to see proofs as letters, videotapes or confessions on Live TV. Instead one should connect all the acquired certainties from the past events to recognize the clear Direction already well defined by this Plot. All these circumstances should be more than enough evidence for all those who have eyes to see.

The media definition of "conspiracy theory" is only there to discredit what is already in front of your eyes.

TV and newspapers will never tell you that the airplanes crashed on 9/11 were highjack with a new technology and flown via remote control (Ptech) and it was instead the Israeli Mossad to place the explosives that brought down the twin towers and building 7 in New York (all mass media remained silent in regard to building 7 that fell without being hit by any plane or other).

Israeli agents were in fact arrested nearby on 9/11 transporting large amount of explosives in a white van (Chevrolet 2000) but they were later released by the Bush administration. The media have never reported the fact that Marvin Bush, brother of the US president, was one of the principals of Stratesec, the company in charge for the security of the 3 buildings fallen at the World Trade Center.

And a few people know that on the same day, 9/11/2001, and at the same time, a Norad operation called Vigilant Warrior was taking place. This military exercise was supposed to mimic an attack by hijacked planes crashing on buildings. As for Blair instead the media did not pay much attention to his strange mood swings and sudden change of course following what was one of the most sinister meetings in modern history.

One should look again at the video footage of the conferences before and after his meeting with George Bush in Crawford Texas on April 06 2002 when for the first time they were in private. Bush had told Blair that the attack on 9/11 was made by the loyalists of his father at the CIA in cahoots with the secret services of Israel and Saudi Arabia. It was the offer of a Pact that on two feet Blair could not refuse but that left him on that day visibly unsettled.

All this was never reported by the media although the future of all people depends on how 9/11 is intended.

This is to say that one should not listen to the interpretation of the media but simply observe the events.

As you know the end game and the Plan beforehand, they will all look like the many tassels of one same "Mosaic".

9/11 broke the delicate equilibrium that existed between Religions and now we are about to witness the worst expressions of the Human being and the most subtle use of Force and Deception from both sides.

All this should not divert your attention from that infamous day and from those who have wanted this chain of events at all costs.

In the end Destiny will tell us if there will be an awakening and if it was only at the beginning that most people were so blinded and distracted not to see the coming "storm" or, instead if turning a blind eye and looking the other way exemplifies that primitive animal behavior which is most dangerous for Humankind and that signifies its surrender in front of the threat.

The Picture of the "storm"

Like the brush strokes of one same painter, similar escalating events in the last few years remind us of one particular malcontent before World War Two. In all streets one accusatory finger was pointed at the Jews.

Look today, in parallel, how the entire Humankind is systematically deceived and plundered by only a few individuals (including Heads of State) who are all vigorous supporters of Israel.

See also why Israel's economy is booming while the rest of the World is in a downward spiral.

Notice in your Country how all the resources always end up in the hands of the "friends of Israel" while for all other people it becomes impossible just to survive.

For you to understand what is happening in your Country you will have to first recognize the entire Picture. All is correlated. Nothing will happen for an accident.

Soon you will see revolutions everywhere.

Entire populations will be first reduced to poverty and then pitted one against the other until exhausted they will accept to live submitting to new rules in a World dressed in chains: the New World Order

What you see between Israel and Palestine is the gauge to visualize what is in store.

Israel was a concept before it became a State and today is a State like no other. In fact it is the only Country in the World that has never defined its borders since its Declaration of Independence and now is ready to expand its territory through the use of any means.

The New World Order is precisely a Greater State of Israel that extends to the whole World, as written in the Bible, but an objective like this would face massive resistance from all populations if its Plan were exposed and remain unfulfilled without the use of Deception.

The Zionists and their Plan will have the US forces to fight a World War in place of Israel.

Responsible for this are not the Jewish people but the Jewish culture as school of Greed and master of Lies.

Unquestionably this culture is Equality's ultimate enemy.

Originated from slavery, the culture of Moses was personified two thousand years ago by "money changers", in this century instead by "international bankers". Today, one small group of individuals, like one parallel government hidden in the UK, USA and Israel works relentlessly to build a huge Human Cage while also the citizens of those same Countries are unaware victims manipulated by this Plan based upon the Biblical concept of one "chosen people".

What follows is the only solution for the next turn of events that will catch almost everyone by surprise.

The next World War is already a done deal behind the backs of all people which will be forced to fight for their own Countries in their obligation as citizens.

This War will be inevitable and come by surprise. It will be the excuse to completely abolish the concept of Equality and all human rights associated with it celebrating the rise of one "chosen people" so to weave Religions with their plot.

The only possibility to counter this global threat is for Humankind to drop all its borders and to become One single Country.

Beyond any possible excuse of Religion or other, the Conflict must be defined from the beginning only pro or against Equality without distinctions for Religion, race or Country.

The strategy of this conspiracy is "Divide and Conquer" and the solution begins with a new concept of Equality that is defined by a new discovery.

Source: Wavevolution

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