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3D First-Person Shooter Games

The goal to achieve in 3D First-Person Shooter Games is really simple! You have to defeat your enemies by shooting them as fast as possible, before they kill you. Kill as many bad guys as you can, in order to survive and successfully complete each level. It sound easy enough but it is not, so take care of you and shoot!

Desert Squad 3D

In Desert Squad 3D in desert military base. All you need to do is to defend your base successfully, shooting the enemies and killing them the more you can. Be careful with the enemy squad units trying to invad the base.

Want to try Desert Squad 3D game? You can play here.

Renegade Assault Force

Renegade Assault Force is a 3D FPS game. Grab your guns and get ready to kill your opponents before anybody else does. Sounds easy? It's not. Give a try!

Want to try Renegade Assault Force? You can play here.

Special Trooper Forces

Special Trooper Forces is a nice 3D First-Person Shooter Game, easy to play and really funny. Can make it through each level?

Give a try in Special Trooper Forces, play here.

Super Sergeant Shooter II

In Super Sergeant Shooter II you have to complete some new levels, walking thru buidings and trying to eliminate all enemy units. You can use different weapons to shoot. A good 3D first person shooter game.

Want to try Super Sergeant Shooter? You can play here.

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