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→ I used to participate to SEO contests with my personal homepage, because I love to challenge myself on Google rankings. Below you can check different competitions with my entries.

A powerful and effective way to attract people is organizing a SEO contest. That's a simple fact that many SEO guys participate to show their best SEO practice methodologies and receive the highest ratings.

But many webmasters are genuinely ignorant about Search Engine Optimization and participate only for fun. In both cases, contestants show their ability to achieve high search engine positions and it is really great.

Mangeur de Cigogne


The Spanish SEO competition to get to the top of Google for Telendro. A rather long competition, running over 4 months till 26 September 2004. I like the Nigritude Ultramarine competition in that it is over in two months.


Nobody knows the origin of the word chocoku.

Last update: July 7th 2004. That's all.

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