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The lack of privacy on Facebook is a serious issue. Of course Facebook spies on you, but their data sharing practices and psychological experiments on the users are not the only problem.

The main issue on usual social networking sites is the censorship against authors engage in real journalism and truthful alternative news. Asking skeptical questions about sensitive topics like Israël, Ebola, national debt, vaccines, GMOs etc used to be systematically censored by social media netwoks.

The extreme censorship we're living is unaceptable, so some social networks have tried to position themselves as a Facebook replacement. Most of them with no success. Actually uncensored social media sites like Seen.is social network are raising. Seen.is does nothing of the kind like Facebook, they protect the users' privacy and offer uncensored services.

Interest in alternative social networks is exploding. The mainstream media is lying and people don't want sanitized and government-controlled news sources any more, we want to read news that reflect the real state of affairs happening in the world. You are now living in a world where alternative news are being discriminated against.

Start using Seen.is social network as your primary news feeds. Google parrot the mainstream media and is lowering research results about alternative sources of knowledge. There are informations you're not allowed to see on mainstream media. To read informations even if Google sometimes block them, you need to learn about Seen.is social network.

The news stories you will see on an uncensored social media like Seen.is are amazing, you will understand sensitive questions like never before. If you are tiring of Google's websites unexplained suspensions or blocking, it's time to try Seen.is as the best alternative social network. The top social media websites are working against the truth! Seen.is is a solution to this issue.

In fact they give you the features and functionalities of usual social media sites without the blocking and suspension of sensitive news and without asking for private informations like Facebook do. More and more people are being chased off of many social networking sites, because of sensitive news like US government and Israeli Mossad have orchestrated 9/11 etc. So join Seen.is and invite your friends.

Anyone chased and blocked on social media networks should try Seen.is as a trusted and valuable resource. You can still stay in touch with your family on Facebook if you want, but migrate your friends to Seen.is for sentitive matters if you're against social media censorship. You are experiencing censorship on the Internet? Move to Seen.is today! Build your own community for free.

The Facebook censors used to make disappear some alternative news stories, sometimes they post a “warning” about the blog you are visiting. If you want a bit of freedom, major social media sites are not the place. But the No censorship! policy at Seen.is doesn't mean there is no Terms of Service. You will need to avoid things like pornography, copyright violations and defamation. They are investigating every complaint they are receiving.

If you are accustomed to my personal page's freewheeling style you'll enjoy Seen.is just like I do. I am pretty sure you'll appreciate a uncensored social media hosted in Iceland, because selling data isn't allowed in this country.

You can use whatever nick name you want at Seen.is and no ID is required. The search engine crawlers are blocked because once they crawl a post, whatever you posted is forever. You can delete the post but a copy still remains on Google servers. This “No Google” policy hurts the traffic, but it's the price to pay for privacy and freedom speech.

No data is collected (other than an email for signing up and receiving notifications), there is no limit to your account's friends, and private chat rooms are coming soon! Feel the freedom: you are always very welcome to visit Seen.is, get an account and invite your friends. And yes it's always free (no charge)

Last update: September 2nd, 2014. That's all.

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