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Here are what I have published during the first six months of my personal website. Check the latest resources and the special resources to read more posts.

Some good forums

Topic: Online Communities > Forums

I like to post in forums, it's fun to participate on such communities. We usually have a lot of things to share. Here is a list of some forums I particulary enjoy. Feel free to join these forums.

Protect your privacy

Topic: People & Society > Social Issues & Advocacy > Privacy Issues

Google, Facebook, and Twitter know a lot of details about your life. They are recording and storing your personal informations, to sell them to advertisers. Privacy on the Internet no longer exists, discover why you have to protect your privacy when you are on the Internet.


Topic: Internet & Telecom > Web Apps & Online Tools

Lot of people is using web browsers like Firefox or Chrome, and even Internet Explorer. But my favorite one is Opera, a web browser developed by Opera Software. It's using a small amount of RAM on my computer, easy to configure and great features. You will love the performances!

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