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There are a few things I am supposed to talk about in my personal page. Look at the top of each page, there is an actual list of my topics, including what books to read, what movies to watch, my favorite videos, the MP3 songs I am listening, and the games I used to play.

How To Use This Resources page?

I talk about these topics, because I found it interesting. Even if nobody cares, I would write about it. Maybe I have spent a lot of time building this home page talking about my hobbies.

But there are also some interesting resources I have found on Internet about other issues, not only books, movies, videos, music etc. This is why this resources page does exist.

Please check it out.


Topic: People & Society > Religion & Belief

Right-wing movements hold that certain social orders and hierarchies are inevitable, natural, normal. Check out these conservative e-books.

Right-wing sites

Topic: People & Society > Religion & Belief

We are in war against gender theory, divorce, abortion, 'gay marriage', euthanasia, broken families etc. Check some right-wing sites.

Father Gabriele Amorth, renowned exorcist

Topic: People & Society > Religion & Belief

He had performed over 70,000 exorcisms over 29 years, know more about Father Gabriele Amorth, who died this month.


Topic: People & Society > Religion & Belief

Between the XVII and XVIII centuries, the Church found Herself faced with the first heresy which fought to remain internal: Jansenism.

Steve Jobs

Topic: Computers & Electronics

My post about Steve Jobs, cofounder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc, the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

Etext 1.1

Topic: Computers & Electronics > Computer Security

You need a simple to use encryption software? Etext is a freeware designed to be used with your email client.

Business process management

Topic: Business & Industrial > Business Operations

For your company, the success can be achieved only modeling, controling and improving your business processes. I work with business process management, this is my job to better your enterprise's productivity.

Vtiger CRM

Topic: Computers & Electronics > Business & Productivity Software

My customers depend on my diligent determination to solve the perplexing issues that often accompany a Customer Relationship Management project. To help you in measuring and controling contacts with clients, I install and customize Vtiger CRM, the best web-based CRM application, freely available for small & medium-sized enterprises.

Vatican news

Topic: People & Society > Religion & Belief

Pope Francis is followed by millions of Roman Catholics in the world, check the Vatican news about the Catholic Church.

About death penalty

Topic: People & Society > Religion & Belief

Pope Francis received and addressed the International Association of Criminal Law. The Holy Father condemned Capital Punishment. What does the Catechism of the Catholic Church say about this?

SEO contests

Topic: Internet & Telecom > Search Engines

If you never heard about search engine optimization, it's all about improving websites ranking on search engines. SEO contests are games for a prize awarded to the webmasters who has the most well-ranked site for keywords like xovilichter, raketenseo, sulumitsretsambew, busby seo challenge, globalWarming awareness2007, cpayscom2 online casino or nigritude ultramarine.

Privacy-friendly ad-free ‘anti-Facebook’ network Ello

Topic: People & Society > Social Issues & Advocacy > Privacy Issues

Facebook is tracking and recording everything we do on its social network. Fortunately a privacy-friendly ad-free ‘anti-Facebook’ network named Ello is now online with a “You are not a product” approach.


Topic: Law & Government > Legal > Intellectual Property

Stealing the original writings of another author constitutes plagiarism. It's immoral and eventually subject to sanctions in case of copyright infringement. In the universities, researchers try to eliminate plagiarism from students in their classrooms. On the Internet some online tools are usefull to identify plagiarism.

Writing assistance

Topic: Reference > Language Resources

All of us need to communicate effectively in english. The written communication changed a lot, since Internet became so important to us in our business or personal life. Now you can rely on writing assistance to better your communication skills. The use of a writing checker is a good way to become an effective communicator. Install a writing software on your computer will increase your confidence in writing.

Spam trap

Topic: Internet & Telecom > Email & Messaging

Spammers build their email lists using harvesters, i.e softwares that surf the Internet collecting email addresses. Then they use spam servers to send messages. I have nothing against permission-based email lists, obviously my company uses clean email list of prospective clients. But email spammers don't, so check my spam trap.

The Amityville Horror

Topic: People & Society > Religion & Belief

The George and Kathleen Lutzm's true story always fascinated me since I was a child. I remember a night, I couldn't see The Amityville Horror on TV because I have to train clarinet and I felt bad for that. I probably was 11 year-old and am still remembering.

The Anti-Cancer Diet

Topic: Health > Nutrition > Special & Restricted Diets

Well-planned diets based on fruit and vegetables are clearly offering protection against certain degenerative conditions, including heart disease and cancer. You have to identify which foods are increasing your risk of cancer, and which others are strengthening your immune system. Click on The Anti-Cancer Diet.


Topic: Games > Online Games

Now I have a casino page, probably just like anyone else. Don't claim, don't blam me, just give a try.

Advertising on my personal page

If you would like to advertise, please send me an email with your website address and contact information. All advertisers must be pre-approved, it means I do not accept any kind of ads. Monthly Fee - Banner or Text Ad on 1 Page - $10 US. Please note that I am not interested in affiliate programs. Placement on the Home Page is available. Prior to posting your ads, all fees must be pre-paid.

This site was made with Notepad.exe

Go Notepad! It's the best text editor. On my personal site all the pages are made by directly hand coding in HTML and CSS with a great program called Notepad.exe.

There is no need of FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and other WYSIWYG programs, I just used Notepad and I'm proud of that. Typing out HTML code character-by-character can be a laborious task, but the result is great. The whole site validates for CSS and has no tables.

Click on other resources and special resources to read more posts.

Last update: January 17th, 2016. That's all.

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