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More a SEO contest, right now? The answer has dependance on the type of raketenseo site you're getting links for. Well I have ample proof of what I am saying ! None of the contestants have the targetted keyword in the domain name. but I think this is the biggest buzz in the seo contest world nowadays. If you have quality unique content, and market to niche sites, then people will preach about your site for you. As the rules state, almost everything is allowed. Raketenseo is a german contest organised by OMclub. Strategies should be followed to meet search engine surfers expectation.

Google have a huge competition and its strategy for optimization is different from Bing or DuckDuckgo. You need to check which datacenter your results are from. Raketenseo would surely be different from what we have already known. In my opinion it's important to use social bookmarking and participate in related forums. The author of this SEO contest'page is considered to be one of the best in the business, but not in Germany. A group of webmasters decided to join forces and compete in the game. I've been trying to submit this site on bookmarking sites for fast indexing or create a site map. Lately I suffered a sweet defeat in the Google ranking.

It's gonna be a great experience for me. Vague titles may not attract user attention and may well not include important keywords. Google places more weight on off-page factors. I don't know what happens, I just never reached even the 2nd page of Google for raketenseo. If you want to support me, please make an anchor link with the contest keyword. I will be updating my page everytime, so watch closely how this SEO contest will go through. I'm too lazy right now and I don't really have time for this. Some SEO professionals may find themselves penalized by Google. You have to logout from your Google Account first, to see the correct result.

And thank you for OMclub that is organizing this contest, that started on the 10th September, 2014. For more information about playing with Google, please feel free to drop me an email. Today is Monday 22nd of July 2019 and it's 03:06:20 CEST AM. Read my blog or back Home.

Last update: September 15th, 2014. That's all.

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