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How to use my personal homepage and its Resources? Obviously by simply studying the work of others, you will be imparted with the erudition they have collated. This is very good, and this is why my personal page was made for.

I do not endorse, or recommend, any kind of plagiarism.So what is plagiarism and what is the trouble? Plagiarism is the practise of taking other peoples work or ideas and passing it off as your own. All centres of learning consider plagiarism to be wrong, if a student decides to plagiarise any works, they do so at their own risk and strictly without my permission.

On the other hand, I also feel that the 'big brother' style of internet surveillance currently attempted by some is contrary to the good of the people and does not knowingly allow essay checkers to search its database.

This does not mean I codone plagiarism! It is the personal responsibilty of all users to regulate themselves in this matter. My page is only storing information in a digital format and bring the benefits directly to the users. I urge everyone to use my personal site in a responsible manner.

However if you wish to use any work from my personal website in work you are undertaking, you must:

If you like my work here, if you think my home page is usefull for other people, you can post a link on your website or blog using this Html code: <a href="http://michel.so/">michel.so</a>

Last update: August 26th, 2014. That's all.

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