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Opera is a browser I am using for a very long time. I considered it being my default browser, using it more than Firefox for everyday browsing. Give it a chance, you will love it.

I like features like Opera Widgets (similar to Firefox extensions), Notes (to take notes on a page or site while browsing), Quick Preferences (menu to access the main features), Session Saving (clicking on Save This Session when you need to close the browser, then next time opening the browser, the same tabs will open).

Opera is awesome, but very few people use it (about 2.5% in market share). Internet Explorer is still the most used browser in the world because it is installed in every computer with Windows operating system, Firefox is very popular among developer, Chrome is popular because of Google and Safari is bundled with Mac OS and used by people with Apple computer.

Topic: Computers & Electronics > Software > Internet Software > Internet Clients & Browsers.

Opera is updated regularly, fast and customizable. Opera has a very good reputation in the security community, it is secure. Lots of new features you have on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome were first introduced by Opera. Opera has an excellent support for CSS3 and XHTML standards. In fact, recommendation comes from everywhere on how fast Opera is.

Give a try with Opera, you definitely won't be disappointed! Download.

Download Opera

Last update: March 9th, 2014. That's all.

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