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Nigritude Ultramarine

→ The Michel Nigritude Ultramarine entry competed against the best and proved what Great SEO and community can do. Such a ranking in the World for SEO is quite some achievement.

Who was top for Nigritude Ultramarine on Google on 7/7/2004 9am GMT?

The winner of Nigritude Ultramarine was Anil with his blog that beat us all with seemingly no effort on his part with his entry for Nigritude Ultramarine. Second and third was TJ from sim64.com's Nigritude Ultramarine. A great achievement TJ. Coming up in 10th place was this page with my Nigritude Ultramarine entry.

My Nigritude Ultramarine entry is continuing to show itself high in the competition SERP's. I continue to be neck and neck with Nigritude-ultramarine.com entry. At times every day, there are still the same duplicate listings on Google between the first second and third listings of 10 on the SERPS, but at this moment my Michel.so listing is only listed on the first ten.

My Nigritude Ultramarine page that got 10th in the world

Top of Google for Nigritude Ultramarine? I first saw the SEO competition Nigritude Ultramarine on the Digitalpoint thread Nigritude Ultramarine on 9 May 2004. The worldwide Nigritude Ultramarine SEO competition runs from 7 May to 7 June, and 7 July 2004. Will a domain name like Nigritude-ultramarine.biz or Nigritude Ultramarine.co.uk win or pages on a personal homepage like Michel.so?

You can add your recip link to help out the effort.

First Stage Winner 7 June 2004

Merkey won the first stage 7 June 2004 with his Nigritude Ultramarine entry from forums.merkey.net. Well done Merkey. The Michel.so entry was around 26th as at the moment of the 7 June GMT. However, in the day following, I have ranged from 8th, 13th, to 28th out of over 500,000 mentions of Nigritude Ultramarine on the net.

Dine in the Ultramarine Light of the Nigritude

In the vivid blue ultramarine light of the Nigritude stands my best kept secret, the Nigritude Ultramarine. Start your gourmet dining experience off with brilliant pure blue Nigritude smoked salmon and finish with fine powdered purplish lapis lazuli salad! The feasts are prepared by the World renowned SEO guy, Michel, the founder of the Nigritude Institute.

After dining at the Nigritude Ultramarine, take a walk along the shores of the Nigritude. The romantic light of moon glows luminously off the ultramarine waters. It is not hard to see how the moonlight on the Nigritude provided the inspiration for the ballad "Blue Moon" many years ago. For reservations, visit the Nigritude Ultramarine website or call 0800-NIGRITUDE and ask for the Ultramarine Operator.

Michel Nigritude Ultramarine entry copied, spammed and cloaked 19/05/2004 +12hrs GMT

Until 19/05/2004 Michel.so had been in the top three since the competition started!!! However, the Michel Nigritude Ultramarine entry slipped due to spamming and cloaking by one of the competitors. This was reported to Google and on the WebProWorld forum in this post Google API was used in the SEO War. I have since seen the offender remove his pages, although I have yet to see my top rankings return.

Lets see whether my personal web page can get back to the top, and prove that this entry has great SEO, and networking abilities. On 23/05/2004 10pm +12GMT my page is now getting back to its true position - currently 20th. The competition used to have no rules, now has rules that include no porn, racial hatred... and does not invade "another person's privacy or property rights or is otherwise illegal"... so the competition has certainly progressed in the last week.

Michel Nigritude Ultramarine in the forums and the news

Wow, wow, wow!!! I may have been dealt with severely by the copy and cloaker, but it has got my entry worldwide publicity and heaps of additional links. Just noticed two more articles on the web about me today that have brought a number of visitors. The latest is entitled "Protect your company from Google Bashing" 1 June 2004 by Brian Livingston. Thanks Brian.

I have spent countless hours in the Search Engine Forums keeping up with the latest in the SEO world. One day I'll publish here a few of my postings. I go by the name of michel in the forums.

Some of the Nigritude Ultramarine Competitors

Check out these fun Nigritudinal Ultramarining entries. Nigritude Ultramarine Blogon about Nigritude Ultramarine. News, views and well, blogging. Text analyser for the Nigritude Ultramarine competition. Other friends can be seen on my links directory page.

Google Rankings as the Nigritude Ultramarining competition unfolds

Due to site copy, cloak and duplicate page penalty, went from 3rd to 103rd and 112th from 19/5 to 22/5, now back to 20th on 2004-05-23. The cloaking site has taken off all its content. Publicity has worked. Thanks Google. Ye ha!!! And got me some sympathy and more links. The business laptop's been in for repair for the week, bust motherboard, extended warranties are great.

Watch out guys, new links have a wonderful way of being found by Google over days, and edging a person up the rankings. Just when I start to run out of ideas, another brainwave and set of links pops up. I'm glad the competition is only 2 months, not 4 till September like the Spanish Telendro. I may not be the top, but I have the honour of being the first to have a contest page with so great contents.

Check the Official contest website/blog SearchGuild.com and Darkblue and visit my page about SEO contests.

Last update: July 7th 2004. That's all.

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