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9/11 Activist's Support Website

There are plenty of other sites that provide great research and 9/11 Information. We appreciate the many independant 9/11 Truth researchers and website hosts that are the backbone of the 9/11 Movement. They have invested countless hours and created compelling arguments and presentations. We hope to provide them with general purpose private and public meeting places and access to shared resources should they require.

9/11 Activist's Support Website

We invite you as registered members to help us share links to those sites in a way that the members of this community can discuss, comment on and rate them for other members. For more information on the Events of 9/11 please visit one of the many great sites listed in our Shared Resources Websites and Reviews or Shared Resources Links pages.

This is a 9/11 Activist's Support Web Portal Community. Members can participate in project specific forums focusing on what interests them most. This could be their local regional activity, research, legal or political action focus. We can work together to create and clarify goals, messages and the best ways to communicate them.

We will provide shared forums for advocates to discuss the best information and approach to use when first contacting a relative, neighbor, stranger, polititian, media representative, etc. We will also provide private forums for reseachers to discuss individual points of difference in the 9/11 evidence and interpretations.

We hope to provide a simple roadmap for those who are just becoming aware of the 9/11 Controversy to find the clearest, straightest path to the most fundamental agreements of all 9/11 Truth Seekers...

9/11 Activist's Support Website

"We were not told the truth about what happened on 9/11." and "In order to fulfill our Constitutional Duty as a democratic people we must know the Full Truth about what happened prior to, during and since the events of 9/11 so that we can direct our government officials to represent us in the world based on the will of an informed people." Therefore: "We need a new, open, well funded, comprehensive investigation."

Our Goals:

We have three primary goals:

Provide access to tools and information that will help Researchers to jointly fashion an effective arguement, presentation of evidence and questions to be formally answered in any new 9/11 Investigation.

Provide a forum to discuss general and specific 9/11 Truth movement goals and legal, political, or other approaches to meet those goals.

Provide access to tools and information that will help local and regional advocates learn how to effectively and efficiently spread the word in their areas.

We truely believe that there are four different areas of 9/11 Truth Advocacy. Individual study and preparation, creating local 9/11 Truth issue awareness, research and evidence building, donating your special skills or financial support for existing projects. We hope to provide a crossroads for all 9/11 Truth Advocates that will streamline the process of learning about 9/11, seeing what is happening in a local area and then supporting local and regional coordination efforts.

We will discuss and share techniques and materials for Flyers, Winshielding, Cornering, Local Movie Nights, Neighborhood sharing. Then we will provide forums to discuss what works and what doesn't.

We will allow any registered member to provide links to 9/11 Truth "Information Sites" as well as reviews, comments and ratings by other advocates.

Many 9/11 researchers are very Internet savvy and have great websites. Others who have much to offer may need someone to support the Technology to support their message. Therefore we will provide a "Bully Pulpit" to all of our primary Speakers, Authors, Researchers or and any others who may need some web visibility and technology tools to support them. We will provide tools for Biography, Position Paper, Blogs, Articles, Alerts, Private Forums and more to each speaker in a privately managed space just for them.

We invite volunteers to help us build the list of Speakers with basic information.

We will also provide a "Regional" Sub-Portal website for any local advocates just getting started in their area. It can contain Forums, blogs, picture galleries, downloads and links to get you started.

We also want to provide a Central Polling Place for asking your opinions.

We will also provide Data Gathering services for Local and Regional Coordinators to manage information gathering to help them spread the work out.

We will also provide access to Volunteer Forums so you can post requests for Project help or find a project to volunteer with.

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