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The Catholic Church is in full preparation of the next World Youth Day to be held in Madrid in August 2011, with the theme: "Planted and built up in Christ, firm in the faith (cf. Col 2: 7)." Addressing youth September 3, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI explained that the search for a job that allows to have a stable situation is an important and urgent issue, but should not be forgotten that most youth seek above all a great ideal of life. Basically, find life itself in its grandeur and beauty.

The secular culture tends to exclude God

In fact the man was created for what is great, for infinity. The rest is insufficient and unsatisfactory. But this desire for more life is a sign that God created us and that we bear his "imprint" within us. God is life, that is why every creature tends toward life. Precisely because God is life, secularists claim to eliminate God projects to live better man are complete nonsense. Separate from this source of life inevitably mean doing without the fullness and joy.

In recent years in Europe, the current secular culture tends to exclude God or consider faith as a private matter. There is a growing refusal to admit that the values ​​on which European society comes from the Gospel. Yet the sense of dignity, charity, work and family are Christian values ​​that have great relevance to society. Despite this we see in today's culture a kind of "eclipse of God", some amnesia or an actual denial of Christianity and a denial of the treasure of the faith received. Europeans who play this game do not measure the risk of losing their own deepest identity.

If one believes the fashions of the moment, anything goes: there is no truth and no absolute frame. Now the prevailing relativism does not generate true freedom but instability and disappointment. This secularism is nothing but conformity. The danger being manifest is that it cuts the current generations of those markers that precede them. Want to remove God from the lives of people and society can only lead to a world dominated by selfishness, divisions in families, hatred between individuals and peoples, lack of love, joy and hope. Any attempt to create a "paradise" without God will end only create a "hell" for humans.

As the Pope says, there are Christians who are seduced by secular thinking. Now this is a renunciation create a civilization of love, where each person is respected in his dignity. The negative consequences are morally so strong, as seen with the development of the culture of death (abortion, euthanasia) which is linked in part to secularism. Where people and people living much in the presence of God, as in Brazil, the rejection of the culture of death is much higher.

Given the strong current "secularist" which seems to dominate Europe, it is important for Christians not to cool their faith in Christ. Faith is built (and rebuilt) concretely by reading the Gospels and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Open and cultivate a personal dialogue with Jesus Christ is for everyone: "Faith is first of all a personal adherence of man to God; it is simultaneously and inseparably free assent to the whole truth that God has revealed "(Catechism of the Catholic Church, 150).

Facing the ambient secularism, it is necessary to acquire a mature faith, solid, that is not based solely on a vague memory of the catechism of our childhood. But it's not a matter of personal commitment. Indeed Catholics are never isolated believers baptism makes us members of a large family. This gives assurance to our personal faith is the faith professed by the Church. Although say the sirens of secularism, Christ is not only good for ourselves, it is the most precious thing we have to share with others.

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