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One of ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

A Jewish friend of mine asked me if I thought that the Kurds were one or more of the ten Lost tribes of Israel. I did some research on the internet and discovered the following.

The Ten Tribes

(1.) The Ten Lost Tribes were still in Kurdish part of Iraq as recently as the time of Josephus Flavius (30-100 AD?) And (2.) The Cohen Model Hapotype is the most common hapotype amongst the Iraqi Kurds...If they are part of the ten Lost Tribes, then there is the possibility that they will be part of the "Ingathering" in the near future (like, maybe, 2007? - Psalm 107).

The Kurds may be part of the lost 10 tribes, or they may not be. What we know is that they are Sunni muslim and have absolutely no "Israeli" customs or lore.

I looked in my books from Yair Davidy and Steven M. Collins, because the two of them are the foremost researchers on the lost 10 tribes. Yair Davidy says that the Sakae or Assakan (from Isaac), were in that area as late as the first century AD. But completely moved out after the Persians totally defeated the Parthians (Scythians, who were the lost 10 tribes). The Persians drove out the Sakae from the Middle East. Yair Davidy says that Armenians moved into the area vacated by the Sakae and these newcomers were called Afghans who migrated all the way into Afghanistan.

However...there is scant evidence, and you still may be right that the Kurds and Afghans may have some distant Israeli blood. The Pushtun which is the main tribe in Afghanistan claim that the royal family line is descended from Benjamin. In the end, they are all muslims and have no social characteristics of Israel or the God of the Bible. So if they are part of the lost 10 tribes, then they will certainly get a "talking to" if they are part of the ingathering, for being totally pagan and abandoning God.

Both authors I mentioned show the routes of the migrating Sakae or Scythians as they moved north and then westward out of the Middle East to Western Europe. The Royal Scythians called the Engli (or Angli) migrated at that time to the Rhine Valley and then into SE England (named after the Angli/Engli of the royal Scythians) and established London. The Scythians or Sakae moved into England between about 100 BC to 200 AD. That may be why Britain is named that-- "brit am" the people of the coventant.

Did you know that the 13 million Pathan tribesmen in Afghanistan and Western Pakistan call themselves the "Sons of Israel"? They have oral traditions and genealogical scrolls reaching back in time to their capitivity to Assyria in 721 BC...The following are some characteristics they have in common with the ancient Israelites:

Even though they are Muslims, some of them actually pray towards Jerusalem instead of Mecca. I don't think that it would be that difficult for the Pathan (Pushtun) tribes to be assimilated into modern Israel, if they could find room and jobs for them and if Ness or Zion would just start pumping up some of the fabulous "Wealth" from deep underground that could pay for everything.

As I said, you may be right, but maybe are overstating the case for their customs. Yair Davidy (in The Tribes, pages 273ff) notes that the Afghans only began calling themselves beney Israel recently and in a few literary circles (Encyclopedia of Islam, pg 28ff, Afghanistan). They also claim to be descended from Esau, the brother of Jacob. Another tradition they have is that they are descended from the Koresh tribe in Arabia, related to Mohammed. That's why Mullah Omar could stand on top of the building and put on the cloak of Mohammed and claim he was speaking for Mohammed as a descendant of Mohammed. It's only the Afghan royal family that calls themselves the sons of Benjamin and beney Israel.

On the other hand, the Indians of India have extensive records that say the people who were south of the Caspian Sea were were the Yavanas, who were from Hara. Since the Bible records that the tribes of Israel east of the Jordan River were captured and taken by the Assyrians to Hara. That establishes the Sakae or Scythians (Yavanas)as the lost 10 tribes of Israel. So...we don't know for sure whether the Pushtun (Pashtun or Pathan) of southern Afghanistan are really descended from the lost 10 tribes or not. They could be.

What we do know is that the Sakae (from Isaac) or Scythians or Parthians were the lost 10 tribes and they migrated to Western Europe after being defeated and driven out by the Persians. Naphtali was also called the Gaeli (Gaelic, from Galilean) and were east of the Carpathian mountains by the River Ouzan (Gozan) until they migrated to Western Europe. The Parthian empire made up of the lost 10 tribes DID extend into the Hindu-Kush mountains of Afghanistan until they were defeated by the Persians and left. The Parthians were as strong as Rome and were the only ones who ever inflicted devastating defeats on the Romans. The Parthians (Sakae) invented armored calvary using large war horses which had armor on them, and also war elephants. They could use their armor and plow through a Roman legion. I mention all this because true history is largely not taught to anyone.

As far as being assimilated into Israel, there are 25 million people in Afghanistan today (70% are Pashtun or Pathan) and only 6 million Israelis and 2.6 million in the Palestinian areas (8.8 million). Already parts of Gaza and Israel are the most populated in the world. The Pushtun go over to Northern Waziristan in Pakistan who are harboring Bin Laden and training the Taliban who attack our forces. So...there are likely perhaps 15 million plus Pushtun (Pathan). That would triple the amount of people in Israel from their current total population.

• May 24th, 2015 •

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