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Kosovo, an historical and sociological analysis

During political meetings and conferences where I have the honor to be invited, I met a young but already extremely brilliant orator, in the person of Mr. Arnaud Borella-Gouillon.

The Kosovo was a land of peace, culture and art

Mr. Arnaud Borella-Gouillon is the President of Solidarité Kosovo, an association helping Serbs who decided to stay, against all odds, on the ground that they were born and who now do theirs more. He was kind enough to explain the history of this land and the process that leads a people to be hunted as she belonged to him for centuries.

He agreed that we do an interview in two parts, the first taking the history of Kosovo, the Islamization of this land and gradually in Europe, the second part specifically addressing the Kosovo Solidarity Association, its mission, its objectives, its assistance and help we can provide.

PLH - How is it that the Albanians who nevertheless have a country (Albania) have managed unilaterally and with more or less tacit blessing of the international community to undertake such a kidnapping?

ABG - Kosovo was given by the Americans to the Albanians. Without them Kosovo would remain part of Serbia. Kosovo is not independent of anything except himself. His Islam is radicalized under pressure and financing of Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, while at the same time develops a Western culture that takes in the United States as a model. The Market and the minaret are by no means incompatible, in Kosovo as in the rest of Europe for that matter.

PLH: So you think that, contrary to appearances, the United States does not lead a crusade against fundamentalist Islam?

ABG - I think not indeed. The United States are pragmatic. They denounced Islam in Afghanistan to justify intervention that has as objective to control energy corridors and limit Russian and Chinese influence in Central Asia. And in Europe they have supported and support all Muslim minorities in order to weaken the Europeans. Support for Izetbegovic and Bosnian Muslims in the 90s, supporting the KLA and Kosovo Muslims in 1999 (despite the fact that the KLA was classified as a terrorist organization by the US State Department) could expand Chechnya, Dagestan ... They play their card, that's their right. What revolts me is that Europe is participating in this charade. We are going in Afghanistan alongside the Americans, we go against the Serbs in the Balkans! In other words, we will westernize the East then be left to orientaliser Europe! It is here, at home, in Europe it must halt the advance of Islam!

PLH - In a few words, describe us a Serb enclave.

ABG - An enclave marked me was that of Orahovac. There are here 300 Serbs living in neighborhoods located in the city height. Below, separated by invisible walls and barbed wire ready for use, 10,000 Albanians live. We can see from the Serbian side a huge mosque minaret double and a second, which floats on the green flag with Arabic inscriptions of Islam. Since the Serbian side we can hear the call of the Muezzin that 5 times a day imposes his words: "Allah Akbar". I remember having crossed here a young Serb who rose mechanically, then the sound of his walkman in order not to hear the cry of the conquerors. Normal gesture of a rebellious teenager.

This is the daily life of Serbs in Kosovo. They are locked in villages they can not leave without protection. They live in ghettos that no one complains.

PLH - What the Serbs live in an enclave?

ABG - They live mostly of working the land, livestock and small jobs when they find it. Unfortunately, this little village autarky is threatened by theft of all kinds. I remember having visited in an enclave where Albanians had stolen wood, a cow and a tractor. So what is this, what is a tractor France when, every night there are dozens of cars were burned? A tractor was the only production tool that the villagers had to plow the fields, wood was the heating for the winter, and it was the cow milk for the little ones but also cheese, cream ... What may seem trivial in light of France's catastrophic reality in Kosovo. Less food, less heat ... That's what awaited all Serbs from that village this winter. Flights equipment that take place every day in Kosovo are all threats to the survival of the remaining Serbs in this region.

PLH - In March 2004, an anti-Serb pogrom rocked Kosovo for three days. The Kosovo Albanian majority, has engaged in the destruction of 800 houses and 35 Serbian churches and monasteries, some of which date back to the XII and XIII centuries. How we were able to achieve this?

ABG - This is the logical culmination of a systematic policy of ethnic cleansing conducted against Serbs in the area that lasts for decades. What has surprised is that these pogroms were able to proceed even as 30,000 KFOR troops (NATO) were there and they did nothing (or very little) to avoid. The "rioters" were not only terrorist KLA, it was the Albanian population as a whole which is a party to the assault of Serb villages and monasteries. Instead of the front, soldiers of the international forces were content to evacuate Serbian families, amplifying the phenomenon. Indeed, Muslims knew that attacking a village, the soldiers were not only not oppose them, but also that they would somehow facilitate the work of purification by removing, for their sake if we dare say, the Christian villagers.

An example of courage and self-sacrifice was particularly marked. This is one of the monks of the monastery of Visoki Decani. This monastery of the 14th century world heritage of mankind is a real masterpiece of the Serbian medieval art. When the soldiers of the KFOR knocked on the door of the monastery monks to evacuate, they have simply refused! They preferred to stay and die in their monastery rather than allow it to be destroyed without reacting. The soldiers overtaken by events then protected the monastery and the monks. Albanian terrorists could not move, and unlike 150 other churches, the monastery of Visoki Decani is still standing today. This story, which is reminiscent of French monks of Tiber, is an example to us all. They are stronger than our weaknesses. And when we do not back more, they do not go!

PLH - It is impossible not to draw parallels between the history of Kosovo Serbs and some suburbs of France. Do you think this situation can also happen in our country?

ABG - Unfortunately, I think it can also occur in France in the coming decades. The brief history I just draw shows that Muslims have become the majority in Kosovo for three reasons:
-A Large population
-A Political complicity
-Of Violence against non-Muslims

In the space of a century this frightening combination has enabled an area historically, religiously, culturally and ethnically Serb to become an independent state populated 95% Muslim, the last living Christians being herded into ghettos.

PLH- To my last question will ask how we are able to prevent this from happening on our soil?

ABG - For our children do not grow up in enclaves, like the Serbs in Kosovo, we must take historical decisions required to this tragedy ahead. We know what awaits us if we do not react. So each of us must take responsibility and engage politically, associatively, or just humanely at all levels of society in order to win over small victories that will enable the great.

PLH - Mr. Arnaud Borella-Gouillon, thank you for agreeing to answer our questions.

Last update: October 21th, 2010. That's all.

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