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The Jews and Judaism

The advent of Christianity there are two thousand years has historically posed a huge problem to Judaism. In the first century, some of the Jews followed the disciples of Jesus and converted to the Christian faith, for the greater glory of God. These conversions are especially recounted in the Acts of the Apostles, which track the progress of Christianity in the Mediterranean region as and when Paul's journeys and other disciples.

The Jews reject the sovereign act of God

But at the same time in Roman Palestine, some of the Jews were hardened in the denial of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah. The situation has worsened following the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in the year 70, giving rise to a new dispersion (Diaspora) Jews outside Palestine. This double impact (advent of Christianity and destruction of the Temple) will be right mosaic Judaism.

A new religion will then be developed within Judaism, that will take considerable distances with Mosaic Judaism. This religion, the result of a marked degeneration of Judaism of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, will be around text commentaries on the Torah (the Jewish Bible). These will be later compiled in a book that will rebuild modern Judaism, called the Talmud. The Talmud is a sectarian tension and hate, a fighting instrument against the wave of conversion to Christ that threatens Judaism.

The Jews did not complete the mission which God had loaded when He told Moses the tablets of the Law. As a result of the rejection of the first Covenant by the Jews, God chose another path to reach the whole world by sending us His Son Jesus. But in the Epistle to the Romans, Paul shows that Jews too can enter this path and be saved with the others, if they recognize Jesus as the Savior. Even though it is now for Christians to bring to the world the good news of the Alliance, this does not exclude the possibility for Jews to convert.

By the blood of Christ, God has reconciled all men (even if they do not know, hence the need for evangelization). But this reconciliation is also offered to the Jews, the promise is for them if they agree to receive the new Christian Alliance, in clear they finally agree to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. In fact, many Jews converted to Christianity over the centuries.

Unfortunately at the same time, many Jews preferred to tense up in their refusal and took refuge in Talmudic Judaism, sad avatar degenerated from the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Certainly the unbelief of the Jews left an empty place and allowed the pagans to accept Hi Promise attesting gospel, somehow the "fall" of Jews allowed the salvation of the Gentiles. But on the other hand, Talmudic Judaism was still a little distant Jews of God.

By refusing to receive Christ, the Jews reject the sovereign act of God. Now it is through human resources that Jews are seeking to become a "chosen people", which proves disastrous. This is what we are currently seeing with Zionism, and Jewish inclinations belonging to the financial oligarchy to unify the world around their domination. This is what is called the New World Order. When one is a Christian, we must oppose this new world order that puts men of faith and delays the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Contrary to the claims of some who call themselves Christians yet, Zionism delays the coming of the Kingdom of God. The Jews will recognize Jesus as the Messiah to be established that the Kingdom of God on earth. Zionism bears a heavy responsibility for the delay of the fulfillment of God's plan. We can say the same thing about the pagans, atheists and idolaters. But as Paul explains, God who began His work by the Jews, he probably also complete its work by Jews.

Hence the need for the conversion of Jews.

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• August 10th, 2011 •

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