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What you must know about 9/11 truth before you get started

If you have just heard about the controversies regarding the events of 9/11, you are undoubtedly feeling disturbed, confused, full of doubt and perhaps angry. The more you learn as you delve deeper and deeper into these issues, it will more than likely get worse. This is a natural reaction that we all go through.

What you must know about 9/11 truth

A basic premise of the 9/11 Truth movement is that there are so many contradicting facts not covered by the government and media stories about 9/11, that it becomes obvious that we have not been told the truth. In fact, there is disturbing evidence that there is an organized cover-up of the facts and attacks on anyone who questions them.

As you explore the Internet you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of websites created by individuals who are trying to bring awareness of the controversy to sufficient numbers of citizens to force a new, independent open and visible investigation of the events preceding, during and following 9/11. What is most disturbing is that these independent researchers do not always agree on the evidence or their interpretations. In fact, caught up in their passion to reveal the truth, you will find some of them engaging in open attacks on each other. This is never about the basic premise that the Official Story about 9/11 was a lie, just details and theories based on the best available evidence.

In addition, many 9/11 researchers will accuse others of being government plants sowing seeds of dis-information to confuse and invalidate the issues. This is not hard to understand and even accept as likely when you consider that any Government or group that might have the power to create the 9/11 attacks and cover-ups, will have the resources to launch a variety of extreme or off center 9/11 (pseduo) Truth websites to offend and distract those looking for the truth. That is what counter intelligence propaganda programs do. We should expect that some of the sites may be dis-information sites. In fact, since the government spends so much money on intelligence and surveillance we could assume that they have outspent us and they may have influenced MANY sites.

Do not be discouraged as you begin to doubt the validity of any fact or researcher. In any investigation there are many facts that arise that are later found to be coincidental or just plain wrong. There are many old assumptions and arguments that more experienced researchers are aware of that have been disproved or shown to be true coincidence. However new people still read old books and keep the old issues alive.

Anytime there is a crime and someone is accused, there is the great possibility that the accuser and accused will tell different stories. That is why we have developed a system of justice designed to have the ALL OF THE EVIDENCE revealed and debated before a group of common citizens.

This has never been done in the case of 9/11. This is why we need a Real 9/11 Investigation.

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