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From Yahvism to Zionism, by Laurent Guyénot

Who is Yahweh? Where is He from ? How has this jealous, avenging and exclusive god imprinted the fate of his people? What is throughout history the thread that links the worship of Yahweh with contemporary Zionism?

It's time to read From Yahvism to Zionism (the Laurent Guyénot's new book) and get some answers.

From Yahvism to Zionism

It all begins in the Old Testament and it is here that we must draw our understanding of the Jewish question. For the Old Testament, or more precisely the Torah, does not merely trace the history of a people: it gives the children of Israel the keys to accomplish what they have given themselves as a fatum. There is justification and there is the way to go. It is Jacob, son of Isaac, who on his return from exile takes the name of Israel, a name which the entire Jewish people inherits before they become that of a state: thus they are mixed under the same name The patriarch, the people, and the promised Land.

The history of the Jewish people goes through the history of all mankind. What role did he play in the fall of Byzantium? What was its influence within the Christian Church? What was his weight in the terrible "European civil war" of the first part of the twentieth century? As a nation among the nations, it has been crossed by contrary winds, which have always pushed it in the same direction: between attempts at assimilation and a desire for separation, sincere or facade conversions, between exclusions and infiltrations, persecutions and privileges, the people of Yahweh have always lived as distinct from the rest of humanity, constantly reproducing the same biblical pattern: that of captivity in Babylon, of the flight from Egypt, of the Book of Esther.

Forging the psychological framework of the sons of Abraham, it is the cement that unites them, alone against all, from the festival of Purim to the memory of the Shoah without the creation of the State of Israel putting an end to it, Which became one of the "invisible walls" of the "Jewish prison."

That is why this book is also a call to our Jewish brothers to free themselves from the grip of a mythology that locks them in a schizophrenic relationship to the world, alternately chosen people and cursed people, messenger people and deicide people, guide of humanity and eternal victim of men. And a key to understanding that to be born Jewish is to be born with a heavy weight of 2,500 years.

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