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I have a few domain names that was without any host. The hosting company where they were hosted started to charge some costs I never choosen, so I stopped to pay and they cut my hosting. So what I was looking for then?

Free hosting

Yes, free hosting for these domains. Let's tell the truth, there are lots of recently starting hosting companies that offer to host websites at no cost. I've checked ones and I am currently testing the quality of their hosting services. I am not expecting for too much stuffs, remembering the websites I am managing are few and not loudly bandwith-consuming.

Yesterday I updated the nameservers (DNS) at my registrar and have just started to host these domains. I have choose three hosting companies offering free services, it is Runhosting (datacenter: LambdaNet Co-Location in Kiel, Germany), Infinity Free (powered by iFastNet Hosting) and FreeSubdomain.org (powered by iFastNet Hosting as well).

What can I say up to now, is that each one of these hosting companies have its own peculiarities. I cannot expose everything here, but for example on one of them, where I use a sub-domain, I had to host my file style.css outsite of the htdocs directory, in the root directory in fact. If not, the server is not finding the file. Especially that file. Don't ask me why! LOL

For the moment I am pretty happy with my free hosting since near all the websites I wanted to host are now online, for free. As they are little websites, not consuming lots of server resources, so that's OK for every body: for me, and for the free hosting companies.

If you are looking for free hosting to host a personal website like mine, I'll be happy to help you. Feel free to contact me. I will tell you what are the free hosting I am using. I'm sure it will help you a lot.

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