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Demonic possession

Many Catholics consider demonic possession as something of the past. However Satan is real, present on earth and hungry. The rise in the number of demonic possessions in the world is serious.

Satan is realDemonic possession

To dabble in the occult "just for entertainment" is wrong and can bring you very serious problems, beyond your comprehension and belief. Playing with evil, Ouija boards, paganism and the occult is very dangerous and cause people to suffer spiritual illness and demonic possession. You can fall to the wayside because of evil invading your life.

For the Church it is an effort to meet demand of Catholic people. I know that dioceses are training priests for spiritual war, like Daddy Vincent Lampert exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Satan tactics are ancient. The only solution is looking for a priest to cast out demons, like during Amityville Horror in December 1975. It is the rite of exorcism.

But few priests like Father Maginot have the special training that is required. I know some unauthorized exorcists helping priests in exorcisms. People who strayed from God must turn to the Church for rescue, when psychologists are unable to explain some spiritual illness.

If you think your home turned into a demonic house, first speak to a priest at your parish and see with him what he can do. Most of the people obsessed with demonic possession is actually suffering with undiagnosed mental problem. The priest will help you to seek the care of a medical professional.

But if the demonic possession is confirmed, in about one in a 100 cases when science and medicine stop, you will need a specially trained priest to come in. It requires an exorcism. In my opinion you should be carefull with people who pose as priests but have no training to perform any kind of exorcism.

The Bible talks about a period of time known as "the Last Days”. Some occult groups and secret societies believe that mankind has entered in such a period. An ancient deity is supposed to take his place as the ruler of the world and change the course of human history. It is known under different names: Moloch, Baal, Marduk, Apollo and Osiris among others.

God bless you all and may the Good Lord protect us all from evil. May Jesus hide us in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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