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Demonic house

An Indiana family attacked by demons in its own house were freed by series of exorcisms. A lot of unexplained occurrences involving the family who lived in this house were publicly reported by social-service workers, a police officer and hospital employees. Can you imagine boys walking backwards up a wall, flipping into the air and landing on his feet?

A house for demonsDemonic house

The host and executive producer of the TV show Ghost Adventures said he is convinced there was an evil presence in this demonic home. Zak Bagans is a Catholic and has purchased the home and film a documentary in late 2015 (to be released later in 2016). He said “I do believe the dark forces in the house were aware of my presence and did interfere with the production in many different ways — some serious”. Bagans designed an unexplained physical disease after starting his investigation.

The priest who freed the family through some exorcisms in 2013 is pastor of St. Stephen Martyr Church in Merrillville, Ind. His name is Daddy Michael Maginot and according to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, he is not really a specified exorcist. He was contacted by the family living in the demonic house, and Bishop Dale Melczek ended to allow Daddy Maginot to handle the entire situation under guidance of Daddy Vincent Lampert, exorcist for the Archdiocese.

An odd-looking hand mark converted to a dusty desk was discovered in the living room. Father Maginot said "It was an extended hand that didn't appear human; no palm was had because of it and was around 12-15 inches long". Different explanations are possible. Father Maginot remarked that devil doesn't work the way how Hollywood shows it to scare people. "Hollywood causes demons like monsters, but actually they are incredibly manipulative in how they do the job" said Father Maginot.

Father Maginot suspects that the evil is behind most of the problems that occured during the documentary's filming. Temptation is the usual method that demons work. Demons are something very dangerous to search out, but they are limited in their electricity. They can't end their lifestyle and are unable to eliminate our free will. Daddy Maginot blessed the demonic home after the filming was complete. "I did the largest blessing I possibly could," he said. "I applied holy drinking water and incense, and I prayed it in Latin" like the exorcism during the Amityville Horror in December 1975.

The exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and pastor of St. Malachy Church, Daddy Vincent Lampert, explained that demons don't stay in a location like people do. So a demonic house can be blessed, for evil spirits go out. Acording to him, "Evil spirits can want to act at a spot, and evil actions may possess brought that about, but spirits don't occupy period and space like we perform". Given all of the public focus on the house, the Catholic priast warned a desire for evil can create serious danger.

If you don't have a faith lifestyle, you life could be destroyed if you try to manage evil. Without God in our life, we have absolutely no protection against evil. Catholics preasts used to say that many more people will show up when the chat is on evil than one on Jesus. Like said Daddy Vincent Lampert, "Rather than being captivated by evil, we have to all be captivated by God."

In my opinion even if Daddy Vincent Lampert expels the evil, it is necessary to destroy this demonic house. I am not saying the exorcism didn't work, but the ground needs to be consecrated and blessed by a Catholic priest. If not, evil can come back with more force than before. They are looking for persons to take over and a demonic place to reside.

Don't forget that in case of infestation (items falling by themselves, things flying around the house) we needs something stronger than just hanging up blessed crucifixes and putting down blessed salt. If some of these things happen in your house, call a Catholic priest before someone gets hurt. Ask for a priest come regularly to bless your home.

Don't be afraid, Jesus is stronger than the evil. Have holy water around, sprinkle blessed salt around your home, have religious items (pictures, crosses) in your house. And attend Mass as often as one can and go to confession in your parish. Even following the Lord, these things like demonic house can also happen to you. You can find Father John Hampsch's books on the Internet, he has excellent advice.

We need to praise God for giving us good priests, with authority to celebrate Mass and administering the sacraments. We must pray for an increase of priestly vocations in our parishes. God bless you all and may the Good Lord protect us all from evil. May Jesus hide us in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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