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Choosing a Poker Room

The internet is inundated nowadays with options for playing poker online. Although there are hundreds of sites, there are really only about 25 different software programs/platforms to choose from.

Choosing a Poker Room

These platforms are similar in many respects, but players should be aware of the more subtle differences which may allow a more informed choice to be made, depending on individual wishes and needs. This article will highlight some of those differences and hopefully enable you to make the most appropriate decision when contemplating which top poker rooms to use.

There are several factors which should influence your decision-making process. Most experienced players recognize these factors and play on a handful of different sites in order to maximize the benefits. Here is a list of some of the most important differences between online poker rooms.

Level of Skill

There are massive differences in the level of competition at different poker rooms. The rooms which are known to attract more inexperienced players are Pacific Poker, Party Poker, and Titan Poker. Paradise Poker and VIP Poker are generally considered to attract a stiffer level of competition. Of course, all this is subject to the actual people you face off against and you will find strong and weak players at pretty much every poker room.


The type of promotions on offer varies greatly and should always be considered when choosing an online poker room. There are sign-up bonuses, free rolls, re-load bonuses, customer loyalty programs, and other freebies which should always be investigated. These change often so it's best to check back regularly with different rooms to see what's being offered.

Room Technology

They say there is no accounting for taste, so depending on your personal preferences, you should identify the poker room which you find most pleasing, not only to the eye, but also in terms of playability, security, and stability. Have a look around and settle on your favorite. It doesn't take long to download the different software, and it's equally as easy to remove it once you have made your final selections. Also, poker rooms are constantly adding improvements due to the cut-throat nature of the industry, so check back at other rooms every few months to see what they might be offering in terms of improvements.

Tips for the Beginner

Depending on your own ability, you should choose the room which is best suited to your style of play. As a newcomer, you should be on the lookout for rooms which have a reputation for soft competition. Typically, they have a much higher rate of people who pay to see the flop, as this is often a sign of impatience and inexperience. Thus, the action is loose and you are less likely to run come across good hands which can cost you.

Also, you should really take advantage of all the bonuses and promotions. To do this, again sign up for several rooms.

Finally, as a beginner you should be sticking to low-limit games. Look for rooms which offer a wide choice of this type of game, ensuring that you are up against the same size fish!

Tips for the Advanced Player

Again, advanced players should be seeking the most suitable level of competition. This does not necessarily mean finding the rooms with the weakest competition. Remember that you want to improve your game, and to do this you must constantly face tougher opponents.

Work on your table image. Once you have created a reputation as a strong player, you are much more likely to be successful. Your moves will be respected and you will be perceived as a player capable of winning every pot. This, as many players know, is half the battle in the psychology of poker.

As an advanced player, you will most likely be playing for sizable pots and therefore don't want to deal with unreliable connections, lackluster security, and the presence of cheaters. Make sure you choose the best software suited to your playing needs. Read several different poker room reviews and look on one of the many forums to see what is being said about various platforms.

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