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Catholics do not confuse the original Judaism, that of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, with the Talmudic avatars who succeeded him in the Christian era. As Benedict XVI said: "We believe that the chosen people, God's people, it is now us" (Benedict XVI, at the General Audience of 19 October 2005). Clearly Israel which mentions the Bible, today is the Catholic Church. That is why today's Judaism is violently anti-Christian. It is mainly based on the Talmud rather than the Hebrew Bible (Torah).

Zionism is at the heart of Talmudic project

The theological anti-Judaism is an integral part of Catholic doctrine (look for Catholic websites on Google, they are explaining this topic with much more details). And Zionism? Zionism is in fact the realization of Talmudic Judaism, which feeds a messianic political project envisaging the unification of the world around its principles. The Jews have always been a nomadic people in search of the promised land. The basis of this people is not territorial, but spiritual. That is why they have always regarded the nations as barriers to spiritual unity and world politics.

Diaspora Jews made them a cosmopolitan people, thus acting as a remover of all regardless of race or nationality. But while they are cosmopolitan in the nations where they live, Jews are furious separatist regarding themselves. It was therefore one hand the "universal brotherhood of nations", multiculturalism and miscegenation in the old Christian nations; the other the rebuilding of a military-religious Jewish political state in the Holy Land. As if multiculturalism, basically it is only good for others.

Incidentally, Zionism as will to recreate a Jewish state in the Holy Land has nothing to do with the prophecies of Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel we read in the Old Testament. According to the Torah, Jews received the Holy Land provided that anyone falls into sin will be expelled from this Earth. The books of the Prophets of the Old Testament prove that the Jews were expelled from this land because of their sins. The Jews accepted this punishment from God, and consented to live among other nations around the world in a permanent wandering. The Bible rejects the Zionist idea of ​​a return to Jerusalem.

Condemned by the Old Testament (called Torah by Jews), Zionism is however at the heart of Talmudic project. The break between biblical teachings prohibiting the return to the Holy Land and the Zionist project is clear: some very religious Jews, therefore anti-Zionist, well know. This break the Zionist project introduced from the teachings of the Torah is clear when we remember that the modern Zionism evolved in the nineteenth century at the initiative of Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) and non-religious Jewish circles.

The Rabbinic and Talmudic Judaism is however quickly recognized the Zionist project. The break with the true Judaism, the Torah which advocates roaming the nations, then total. Zionism recalls in some ways the Zealots, who were Jewish nationalists of the time of Jesus, who thought that the Messiah would take the form of a military leader like King David who politically unify the Jews to chase the Romans from Palestine. Religious Jews at the time condemned the zealots and political activism. Judaism of the Christian era based on the Talmud support Zionism, what a decay.

The fact that religious Jews today do not condemn Zionism, thus betraying the Torah and all the teachings of the Prophets of the Bible, shows the degree of degeneration of Talmudic Judaism. Come to think, it is not surprising from a theology that is entirely built against Christianity. The Talmud is a compilation of texts made in the first centuries of the Christian era and considered completed in the fifth century after Jesus Christ. It "learns" among other things that Jesus was the son of a prostitute and a Roman soldier.

Today the Talmudic and Zionist project has two dimensions, but it is no less unique. On one side, the Jewish communitarian circles in the various countries of the world continues its action in favor of the disappearance of nations. As we saw above, this is the product of traditional nomadic Jews and this is taking the form of globalism. Globalization as dissolving process of the nations is described as mandatory horizon. On the other, Zionism has made the Jewish state an expansive military-religious political power, powerful, possessing the nuclear bomb, and imposing its law in the region.

At the same time, the real power of the Israeli state is not in Tel Aviv, it is in its international diaspora. What is Israel without pecuniary, political and ideological support of Zionist Jewish elite of the Western world? In this sense Zionism is not "nationalism" as there was in Europe in the nineteenth century, for example. Zionist thought has contacts in different countries of the world, thanks to the dual nationality of its defenders. In France it is visible in a powerful lobby that community influences many politicians.

Zionism working on the destruction of the nations can be measured by listening carefully to the statements in the media of the Zionists. Example, the speech Alain Finkielkraut held at the meeting held Saturday, January 29, 2011 in Grenoble (France). He said: "All national narrative has to be deconstructed ... There are no French people."

About the Israeli state, it is wrong to say that the Zionists are "secularists" who reject the Jewish religion or confined it to the private sphere. Instead the Israeli state has nothing secular, it is theocratic in nature as are Iran and Saudi Arabia (except that its military arrogance is at a much larger scale). Religion serves as the state is not the Judaism of origins, by nature hostile to the idea of ​​a return to the Holy Land. It is his Talmudic avatar, and in that sense we can say that Zionism is the realization of Talmudic Judaism.

If the relay Zionist thinking worldwide weaken national states in the name of globalization and economic liberalism, the military-theocratic state in Israel only grow in influence. The Zionists want to make the land of Israel the center of the world by dominating the nations through community lobbies. Ultimately globalism (disappearance of nations) and Zionism (Israel as a new center of the world) converge. The Talmudic Messianic process is running. Who can hide behind that process, if not the antichrist?

The influence of the Zionists is such that we even see Christian Zionists adopt positions. This is the case in some American evangelicals neo-protestants, who have not understood much from reading the Bible. Or return to Israel is nothing Territorial because we know that since Jesus, God's people is the Catholic Church. We are Israel, Catholics can say legitimately. "Go back to Israel" has nothing to do with the creation of an oppressive state with its capital Tel Aviv, it is a call to conversion of Jews through the recognition of our Lord Jesus Christ as the savior of all humanity.

• February 9th, 2011 •

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