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Catholics disclaim categorically racialist theories of Hitler. Those who defend Nazism are pagans under the influence of occultism and false deities of Europe before Christianity. Anti-Semitism has never taken hold within the Catholic Church, because it is a racial hatred that opposes the Gospel message "Love one another." Even Christians are followers of Christ pre-Judaism, that of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. At Mass we read the prophets of the Old Testament and pray the psalms, which are of Hebrew poetry of the year thousand before Christ.

The Jews are not our fathers in faith

By cons, be Catholic means to oppose the Rabbinic and Talmudic Judaism. For since Christ, Judaism has changed the face of fault for having recognized our Lord as the Messiah. The Talmudism hate Jesus Christ and hates the Catholic Church. The theological anti-Judaism is the founder of the Catholic Church, and hundreds of written texts exist for the ages by the clergy to counter the Talmudic assertions. At the time of scholasticism, theologians wrote a lot about the nature and divinity of Jesus Christ, denied by Judaism. There is much to read about, who is interested.

Currently many Christians overestimate the spiritual relationship between the current Judaism and Christianity. If we are the heirs of Judaism origins, we must also recognize that it died with Jesus on the cross. The Old Covenant of God with Israel was singularly threatened at the time of Jesus, as shown by many passages of the Gospels. But the non-recognition by the Jews of our Lord Jesus Christ put an end to this alliance. Now, the Church has replaced the Jewish people as a subject of God's Covenant.

The theological anti-Judaism is rarely fought by our adversaries with arguments within the Jewish faith. This is hardly in the field of spirituality that our opponents put the debate, but unfortunately on the suspicion of racialist anti-Semitism. An unacceptable charge for Catholics, but of which we are all too often subjected. It joins another question, which is that of Zionism. Precisely Zionist communitarian networks are spokespersons of these charges, it is no accident. Again, Christian anti-Judaism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, which is pagan in nature.

• February 9th, 2011 •

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