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If you like SciFi as I do, you probably know Haven. This supernatural TV series is inspired from "The Colorado Kid", a novel from Stephen king. In fact, the city of Haven (Maine) does not exist. The show is filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada.

HavenA FBI agent named Audrey Parker arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine, to help the local police. Together with the Chief's son, Nathan Warnous, she discovers that her past is connected to the town. Since a long time, Haven has been a kind of refuge for people with supernatural powers called "troubles".

Since Haven holds a lot of secrets, Audrey who was raised in an orphanage in Ohio and has no family decides to stay in Haven and joins the local police. The "troubles" are terrifying and even killing the locals, and she wants to help to understand her own past.

Who is Audrey Parker? It is one of its biggest, longest-running question of this paranormal TV show. You can see her (or someone who greatly resembled her) on the photocopy of an old Herald article titled "Who killed the Colorado Kid?"

Audrey and Nathan are not the only ones to deal with Troubled persons. Duke Crocker grew up with Nathan Wuornos and is one of the residents of Haven who helps the local police. Duke owns and lives in a fishing boat named "Cape Rouge" and is the owner of the "Grey Gull" waterfront bar. As well, the journalists Vince and Dave Teagues are part of the Haven story, always looking for a quote for their paper, the Haven Herald.

Prepare yourself! The old threats from the past are coming back.

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