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GlobalWarming Awareness2007

What is “GlobalWarming Awareness2007”? These words were announced in January 2007 as the contest keyword for the SEO World Championship.

There is only a two-word keyphrase used by all SEO contestants for the SEO Championship this year, these words are a combination between globalwarming and awareness2007.

If we split ‘globalwarming’ it becomes two more words. It has the mean Global and Warming, and split ‘awareness2007’ to awareness 2007. So the real meaning of the keyphrase is Global Warning Awareness in 2007. That's it, I think.

The championship has began and all contestants from many countries start optimizing their sites, make their sites become the top 10 in major search engine (Google, Yahoo and MSN). With ‘globalwarming awareness2007’ as the keywords it will be the most prestigious SEO championship ever.

Below this is video from the admin team for the SEO World Championship about the contest, it was released a month ago before the contest starts.

My GlobalWarming Awareness2007 page participating in the SEO World Championship finally appeared on Google.

Today I don't see anything on the search engine results related with SEO Championship 2007. Be sure that arriving to the final day, everything is going to rush and move very fast in the rank positions. While the competition is still running, I don't know if my GlobalWarming Awareness2007 page has some chance to get a nice result. I never have plan to get high positions.

The admin team from the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 SEO Championship is making a great job in this contest. make a target to my site best position.

Many of SEO contestants are from nationalities like France, South Africa, Israël, Indonesia etc. Here some nicknames of contestants following the contest. Fred from France, FredrikMH from Sweden, Deejay from Holland, Mormmam from Thailand, Miskandar_es from Indonesia, Koz from South Africa, etc.

But so far, I'm not seeing any SEO contestants from USA.

Last update: January 15th, 2007 at 13.00 PM EST. That's all.

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