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David Icke

Considered the most well-known conspiracy theorist in the world, David Icke is a very interesting guy. More and more people are coming up to David Icke to tell him they read their books, so let's discover him.

Born in 1952 in United Kingdom (town of Leicester) he is the son of a World War II hero. David Icke was goalkeeper in Coventry City and in in Hereford United soccer teams, before early retiring from football in 1973 because of arthritis.

He started to work at BBC sports department as a presenter. He worked there in the 1970s and 1980s, something that he describes later as a world he never really enjoyed. At the end of the 1980s, David Icke became spokesmen for the Green Party in Great Britain. Still suffering a lot because of arthritis.

In 1991, David Icke had a spiritual experience in Peru who changed his life. Turning back to UK, he runned out of the Green Party and started to make some apocalyptic predictions about supposed earthquakes in Great Britain. In April 1991, he became famous after an interview on the BBC that had a devastating effect on his credibility. Running off the public's derision, he desappeared until 1999.

In 1999, David Icke published The Biggest Secret, his most sucessfull book where he exposed his philosophy. According to him, the entire world is run by reptilian aliens coming from the planet of Draco. Since ancient times, the reptilians are manipulating humanity thru various world leaders like Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II and George Bush.

David Icke explains that the “New World Order” and its “Global Domination Agenda” are moved on by the “Illuminatis”, who are aliens who appear to be human because they can change their shape. The entire world's political and economic system is an huge conspiracy to enslave humanity. Because of our 5 senses can only access to a small frequency range, we cannot see them nor even imagine they are there.

So if you never saw shape-shifting reptilians, it doesn't mean they don't exist. Some people think the David Icke's conspiracy theory sounds crazy. As a Catholic, I cannot agree with a lot of contents in his theory. For example, he explained the reptilian aliens are known since ancient times as “demonic forces” at work in our world, empowering the leaders and driving us to the “New World Order”.

I have no doubt about the dark forces, powerfully working through human agents. The Gospel shows us that demonic beings and entities are obviously present on Earth, working for Satan, trying to stop a work that God has for you. Take a look on the Biblical Demonology, you will learn a lot. The good news is that we can all together be saved in Jesus Christ. He protects us against demonic forces.

But David Icke is not a christian and doesn't believe in God. For us, demons are fallen angels using sickness and disease to destroy the mankind. The Bible certainly doesn't depict them as reptilian aliens. I think demons are present all the time in people's life. The catholics don't need any reptilians theory to be aware about the presence of demonic entities in this world.

Something I don't like in the David Icke's ideas, is that he used to critize the Roman Church. According to him and other anti-Catholics, the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church are nothing else than the new Babylon. In my opinion, only ignorant people can equate the Whore of Babylon in Revelation 17:9 with the Catholic Church.

But David Icke can be wrong about the Catholic Church, he also has some fantastic ideas like the “problem-reaction-solution” paradigm, to explain the Global Domination Agenda.

The other conspiracy theorist with great world-wide recognition is Alex Jones. Another time, I'll talk about him.

Now a video from David Icke, explaining his views to Alex Jones. You want to know more about the Reptilian Shape-Shifting Aliens? Watch the interview. Enjoy!

Check the David Icke's Twitter and his website davidicke.com.

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