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To get in touch with people on my website and constantly improve the quality of michel.ws, I use a little live chat solution. It helps me to have a better communication with the visitors / my readers.

You can ask me questions and so about my home page. Want to see how good it is? You'll get an instant answer. The idea is to discover new friendship opportunities by approaching visitors directly on my site.

In fact michel.ws is minimalistic and contains only text, because I am a website owner who really believe in my contents, sharing my passions with others. Want to talk with me? Click below to open a windows and start a private chat session with me!

Since social media were popularized, there is a myth that email is now old fashioned, useless and slowly dying. I already heard that in 2009. Come on! It’s 2015 and email is still not dead. It's true that other internet communication forms like chat are growing fast. But email is still doing great, so do me a favor: drop me a line if you want to!

And thank you for chatting with me! ;-)

Last update: January 9th, 2015. That's all.

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