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Business process management (BPM)

Would you like your organization's workflow be more efficient? More capable of adapting to your ever-changing market? Try Business process management (BPM) as a systematic approach to make your activities more effective.

Every activity or set of activities with a specific goal in your company is a business process. Miscommunication and human error are the main issues in most organizations. BPM will help you to focus people on their respective roles.

Business people for who my company works need to control the processes present in their organization. BPM is nothing more than a methodology to make the business processes effective.

BPM can help you to better your enterprise and make it more cost-efficient. As a BPM consultant, my job is to identify, study and monitor business processes.

Business process management is a practice, it's not a technology. But on the market there are technologies that will help you to identify, control and improve your business processes. Improvement means my job is to formalize into the firm better ways for work to be done, for example using a CRM software like VtigerCRM.

The total flow of business processes have to be continuously evaluate, to take actions of improvement. BPM is not a one-time undertaking but a sustained activity, maintained for an indefinite period of time and that involve lot of people in the organization.

The objective is to manage multiple work processes, taking place at the same time to increase productivity gains. I am not talking about multitasking (handling more than one task at the same time), it is not working and scientists have the data to prove it. I am talking about switching from one task to another so quickly that it gives the appearance of completing all at one time.

When I talk about workflows, people think it is just moving documents from one person to another, and when task #1 is complete, task #2 can start. In fact BPM allows multiple work processes and is a great source of productivity. To model business processes you need operational analysis and flow charting. Then softwares help the BPM consultant to make its job.

You can find different kinds of BPM softwares in the market. A lot of them are softwares as a service (SaaS), because most companies are using cloud computing. The first step use to be designing workflows (a workflow is the set of activities necessary to complete a task).

If you have interest in Business process management (BPM), check as well Business process outsourcing (BPO), Workflow management software (WMS), Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Enterprise application integration (EAI), Document management software (DMS), Enterprise information management (EIM), Business process reengineering (BPR), Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), Business activity monitoring (BAM), Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN).

Last update: December 28th, 2014. That's all.

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