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→ Be careful ! You are NOT on the Busby Web Solutions's home page ! This page is from a participant of the Busby Search Engine Optimisation World Cup. This is a SEO contest organized by an Australian company and the contesters are supposed to rank for the term busby seo challenge until 31st August 2008. The winner will receive AU$5,000.

The busby seo challenge is now over. Here's the final official result of the contest. The winner is the IMFreakz's team from Indonesia. Congrats to all of them ! The SEO Sphere French Team did well, they are number 2. It's a great job !

I was participating to the competition with my personal homepage and I tried to accumulate large numbers of backlinks and optimize my contest page to rank as high as possible on Google. I have no time to work hard on the keyword, so I am quite happy with the results : this contest page is officially ranking number 30 (see below).

August 31th, end of the contest

The busby seo challenge is now over, we are ranking #30 ! We are proud of this result, since this was a world championship and we fight against some excellent contestants. We are now participating to the busby seo test contest, feel free to help us !

June 13th, +59 positions

Today the page is #28 (third page) according to the Ranks.Fr tool. We are Friday 13th and it brought me chance ! As you can see below, the page won +59 positions, it's a very nice result.

June 10th, new positions

Today the page is #34 for 75% of the data centers, according to the SEO Chat tool. But there are only 35 DC in this tool, so many time when I check manually the page is #25 (in the middle of the page 3). Depending of the DC, there are about 21,000 results.

June 6th, new cache

Google is showing a new cache for the page, dated June 6th 12:37 GMT. It is still in page 2 for some data centers, but for most of them the page has dropped. There are now more than 8700 results for the keyword.

June 4th, new cache

The page has now a new cache in Google, dated June 4th 06:42 GMT. According to the SEO Chat tool, I only can see it on 12 data centers for 35 datacenters used by the tool. Position #12.

June 1st, the contest is starting

Right now I see about 1,460 results when making a quick search in Google : Results 1 - 10 of about 1,460 for busby seo challenge.This page is currently in the Top Ten positions, but careful : this is only the first day !

Thank you to all of you who have helped me during this SEO contest, linking to this page with the anchor text “busby seo challenge“. We did a great job ! Now return to the home page.

Last update: June 1st, 2008. That's all.

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