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My Bio

My bio can't be explained in such a short space. Maybe another time I will tell more. I am currently running a company dedicated to international business. If you think about starting a business in Brazil, contact me.

Made in France

All what you need to know, is that I was born in France then moved on to Brazil. Where I am currently living. Do you know Brazil? A very nice place to stay.

As products made in France tend to be better than comparable imports, people born in France also tend to be better. Check it out! Not sure? Contact me and I will tell you why.

I am a Roman Catholic, member of a local church community named Santo Antônio parish. If you were baptized Catholic but just haven't been to Mass in a while, I would like to invite you to the 11:00 AM Mass on Sundays in our parish. Contact me!

Oh seriously, do you want to see my picture?

This is an old picture of me, I'm just gonna leave it here.

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