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Alan Sabrosky

Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a US Marine Corps Veteran, graduated of the US Army War College. He is specialized in security affairs is known calling the attention of the public about intriguing facts in 9/11 attacks.

According to him, the implication of the Apartheid state of Israel in 9/11 events is clear, even if the mainstream media is denying it. The full story is a lie, but the wall built around 9-11 is cracking. The entire edifice will crumble soon.

The Dutch demolition expert Danny Jowenko was repeatedly cited by Dr. Sabrosky in different interviews and articles, mainly in alternative news's websites and in PressTV. Some days after a Sabrosky’s Press TV interview, Danny Jowenko died in a car accident. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd find it very strange.

If you have doubts of the government story about 9/11, you have to watch some Dr. Sabrosky's interviews. More and more people realizing that 9/11 was a false flag Mossad operation are beginning to speak out. It seems the world is finally waking up. You won't listen anything like that on the mainstream media because the Zionists have a stranglehold on the media. Even Alex Jones doesn't say much about Zionism.

Some people in the US government and the Israeli Mossad have orchestrated 9/11 in order to enable invasion of Iraq. People like Dr. Alan Sabrosky (he can be contacted at docbrosk@comcast.net) as a US high-level official is doing a great job saying Israel did 9/1. Across the globe, people are awakening and want to know the truth. My personal website wants to be part of this movement.

Dr. Alan Sabrosky says that 9/11 was not the only aggression from the state of Israel against USA. In 1967, Israeli warplanes and boats attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty ship. In the two-hour assault, 34 American servicemen were killed: a war crime committed by the Apartheid State of Israel. The Zionists claim that it had been a tragic accident due to mistaken identification on the ship. The truth is the Liberty was monitoring Israel's communication.

Now a video about 9/11 and Israel: Alan Sabrosky's Press TV Interview:

Check my 9/11 videos section, I have posted more interviews of Dr Sabrosky like the one from Mark Glenn "Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11".

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